Liberation TO

& The Animal Liberation Toronto Conference


Liberation TO is a coalition of grassroots animal rights organizations in Toronto. We strive to empower and inspire our community through education, resources, and support.

The Animal Liberation Toronto Conference is a joint effort to see mass mobilization and community building through education. The conference is offered in the spirit of gift economics. We do have costs associated with the event, and will be fundraising through registration and other efforts.

Liberation TO has a medium-term goal of opening an Animal Rights Community and Training Centre in Toronto, and our fundraising efforts before, during, and after the conference will be in support of this project. Ultimately, our vision is to run a centre in Toronto that provides free community space, support, and education for our animal rights community, with an annual conference and mass mobilization.


Conference Pricing

$60 — Individual Registration
$120 — Register & Sponsor
$40 — Low Income Registration

We strive to make the Animal Liberation Toronto Conference accessible. Sponsorship is available. If you require sponsorship in order to attend, please email info@liberationto.com with subject line “ALTC Sponsorship”.